Awakening The Christ Within

In today’s world we are facing a crisis of astronomical proportion. In the span of only a few years we’ve come perilously close annihilation, not only of ourselves, but of the entire planet, and as I see it there is only one solution.

We live in a world where God is becoming less and less real than ever before and more and more young people are declaring themselves agnostic and even atheist. And that is understandable from the perspective of the mind when the commonly held belief is that if we are in such dire straits that God cannot be real or He would be doing something to protect us and His Creation.

Unfortunately however this kind of thinking is perpetuating the problem, because we ARE God. There is NO separation, nor is there an Other. We, collectively ARE God. Each of us is an embodiment of the Infinite Source that created the world, the universe, and all dimensions and universes, and collectively WE have created the mess we find ourselves in.

The answer to the dilemma we are facing then is singular: it lies within US, not only as individuals, but also as a collective consciousness of humanity and of the world. The power and the responsibility for our fate, and the fate of the world rests on our shoulders.

I’m sure it seems impossible, and perhaps even ludicrous to many that the fate of the world could rest on our shoulders, but it is true: We are the only creator of our lives, and we create our own destiny. This is the way God has given, and it is obvious that we have made a mess of things, by our selfishness and greed, and by our ignorance of the ways of life.

The way to resolution to our dilemma however is simply to Become what we already ARE. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions create reality moment by moment, and as long as we believe we are separate from the Infinite we will be, but as embodiments of God who live in the present moment and from our hearts in the knowledge that we are all One Thing and that the earth is our mother, we can begin to change not only ourselves, but the world as a whole.

Consciousness and love is the ONLY way to restore the world to the original design, or what I call the Kingdom, and to obtain that requires commitment, and our desire to know who and what we are and to work actively to bring about change. And our becoming conscious of the truth and living in and from Love is the answer.

How then can you help? You can pray, meditate, chant and ask the Father to intervene, for without that nothing is going to change, nor can He intervene. He simply cannot. So as you go through your day, BE love. Be kind and helpful to others, who are really your brothers and sisters in the Body of God In Creation. Pray for the world, and envision the earth as healthy and whole, free of greed and selfishness, and the pollution and toxins that are making us ill and destroying wildlife. And most of all, see the earth as a peaceful and beautiful, loving place where we all live together, caring for and helping one another.

Namaste and much love,