Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

The World Is An Illusion

   The “physical” world and universe isn’t at all what most people think it is. It has been referred to as Maya, as illusion, and that is essentially what it is. The “real” Self is formless and timeless. The self we are experiencing now that most of us identify with as “me” is akin to living in a 3d movie where we are the writer, director and actor but have no idea we’re creating it all.

Basically we’re living a hologram that is continuously being refreshed and re-created by the Divine (and by us) in order that we can experience and create our lives. I call this hologram “The Body Of God” because in my first Experience of Oneness God spoke to me and said “You are in the Body of God in Creation”.

     I also learned during those experiences that we are “individuated” aspects of Awareness or Consciousness in the field of the One.. of Oneness. Our experience is within a field of Infinite Potential which allows us to create both gradual as well as instantaneous shifts in our reality. We have the ability to affect the energy fields (or constructs) of our current reality and collapse the wave function of our current energetic state, thereby allowing shifts in our reality to happen. How do we do this? Through our belief, or faith, which comes really just comes down to knowing we can do it. We have the potential to change our entire life and do it instantaneously. This is what Jesus was able to do and it is how he created “miracles”, and he was pointing to the fact that we can do it ourselves.

     Our reality, is and was here for our pleasure. In the third Awakening I experienced, I was told by God that “It was never intended to be this way, it is my Will that you know who, and what you are and create your lives in joy.

     After I was returned to my normal waking consciousness I realized that we have seriously lost our way, and that the Fall From Grace had actually happened in some form. God, or the Infinite created this hologram for us to enjoy, but we’ve become so enamored with our ego and belief that the outer world is real, and that we are separate and must fight and struggle for survival, that we’ve forgotten who we are, which indeed few have ever really known. The only thing that exists in reality is the Consciousness, the energy that we all are, and it is that which created and sustains us. And the good news is we can all experience the Truth of our being, because we already are THAT.

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