Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

You Create Reality

     Our lives are essentially a journey of coming to know who and what we are as part of God, an integrated and intrinsic part of the dance of Life on the planet, and we have the ability to co-create whatever we want. Most people have no idea that their thoughts, emotions and words are creating their reality, but that is exactly what’s happening. We have an idea, we act on the idea, and Life brings us what is needed for that to happen. But where does that idea come from? Are we creating from ego, or from our inner being?

     The fact is that we are unlimited beings of pure light, and we are also Creators in partnership with God, or Life.  Jesus said “Ye are gods, yet ye know it not.” and regarding the miracles He performed, and He also said, “These things and more can you do also”.

     Buddha also taught similarly. He once said “Your life is the result of all that you have thought” and “What you imagine you create” along with many other things that point to the fact that we are fully responsible for the creation of our reality. And, we are also responsible for co-creating our Awakening.

     Thoughts, words and emotions are energy, and we are continuously projecting that energy into Creation, and in turn it is continuously recreating the Oneness Field of this dimension. All of the energy we add to the Body of God, along with what may be in our overall energy from past incarnations, our energy signature as I call it, creates the experiences in our lives, and collectively what we are adding to the collective adds to the entirety of the experience of the human race, and to the planet itself.

     Every belief and judgment we hold about ourselves, others and our world in general are creative, and the stronger the emotion behind the belief the stronger the energy we’re generating. Much of our energy signature is comprised of unconscious constructs that result from childhood experiences and past lives, and they are also creative as well. In fact in many people who live on autopilot they creating more of their reality than their daily thinking and emotions do.

     What this points to is the fact that we all must come to understand that we have a responsibility to be kind, loving and good, both to ourselves and to others especially. When we do that we raise the vibration of the entire earth, and that of humanity as well. And we move toward greater wisdom and consciousness, and to awakening ourselves.

     But the good news is that we can become mindful or aware of what we are adding to our lives and to the world energetically simply by becoming Present in the Now as the Observer of our reality, and by having an open heart. What we focus on we get more of, so focus on God rather than on judgment of yourself or others or what is lacking, and goodness will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

Begin your day with gratitude for the day and for the opportunity to grow and become the best that you can be, and maintain that throughout your day and your focus and intention will create it.
Until next time,