Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

The Current Global Shift

     It’s no secret that our financial system is collapsing in the country and that the world in general is in turmoil today. A lot of people are in fear for their survival, and that is perfectly understandable. When our survival is threatened our fight or flight mechanism comes into play just as it has since the beginning of the human race. It is why we’re still around today as a species.

     But at the same time that we’re seeing what are probably the greatest challenges in our history, we also have an incredible opportunity for growth and change. The way we need to look at this is not THAT our current systems are collapsing and to be fearful about it.. but to take a look at WHY they are collapsing. And that reason why is because they need to be changed. This much should be obvious to everyone. What is not so obvious though is that in order to create lasting change, the fundamental premise that has been driving the current models needs to change, and that means changing the way we think and behave.

     All of what is happening in the world today points to a deep need for a spiritual shift within humanity. The potential for financial collapse and the ongoing political turmoil is only a symptom and reflection of that need. Selfishness, greed and avarice have been driving our government and our economic models for decades, and we are now seeing reflected back to us in the world what we need to change within ourselves.

     This is also happening now because things are coming to a head and the old ways of being are ending. The hologram of Life is reflecting our own collective dysfunction back to us so we can see our errors in thinking and in our relationship to others. What we have before us is not intended by Spirit to frighten us into buying guns and gold, it is meant to give us an opportunity for change.

     This is not happening just so we can take steps to “protect” ourselves.. although our survival instincts tell us that it is. That is solely the way of the reptilian brain and of base survival. What we are being called to do is to find our humanity within.. which is in and through the heart. We are being asked to shift from thinking only of self to thinking of others, and from selfishness to service to our community and to our global family.

     Ultimately there IS no protection in the current way of things because it will continue until all beings involved find love/compassion within and begin to live from that place. Changing ourselves first, and then changing our business and financial models is the only real protection we have. By aligning ourselves with our true nature as Divine beings of Light in the Body of God we facilitate that change. When we come into alignment with who, and what we are, the entire world will change.

     Living in our heads and operating from individual wants and desire will not work any longer. The human ego has proven itself to cause more harm than good.. and it must be brought into alignment. By dropping down into the heart and living from love and compassion, we take an enormous step toward healing ourselves and the planet and changing our world.

     Never before in our history have we had such a tremendous opportunity. We have the ability to change ourselves, and as we do that individually, our collective morphic reality will also change, and the outer reflection we experience in the world will change as well. Such is the nature of spiritual evolution on the planet. It may take some time depending on how entrenched the other aspects of self and egos in the collective are, but then again it may not. I believe we are heading rapidly toward critical mass which will change the global reality for all of those who are aligned with that change.

     This is the call to all of humanity; Invite in your Divine Nature.. drop down into your heart and live from love/compassion. Join in the collective of the MILLIONS of people in the world at this moment who are in various stages spiritual awakening. With each and every one, the consciousness of the collective of humanity rises also.. so even though it looks outwardly like we may not make it.. I believe we will. Make no mistake.. God DOES have a plan!

     While this is an unprecedented opportunity to grow individually and as a human family, I’m not saying that it might not be practical to take steps to protect yourself and your family.. but not with guns. One does need to keep perspective of the fact that we are God in human form.. and that form needs to be cared for. Enlightenment is not possible if the body is relinquished.

     But should you be buying gold and silver? If your intuition and circumstances tell you to then by all means do so. Just because the objective is Awakening that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be wise and listen to what Life is telling us to do if that is the case. There’s nothing wrong with using our innate intuition and intelligence to care for ourselves when calamity arises. My late wife’s grandfather did exactly that and he survived the depression just fine and was able to help others to get through it as well. And as Yeshua once said “Be wise as a serpent but peaceful as a dove.”
Until next time,
Namaste’, Sat Nam and Blessings