Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

Do No Harm

I recently had an email sent to me from someone in the “self help” niche promoting a new book on how to make others do what you want, and I sent the following to the person promoting the book when they asked why I unsubscribed from their mailing list:

“Manipulating others to get what we want is a function of a selfish ego and does not serve
to bring about the will of the Divine in the world. The father’s desire is that we come to
know who and what we are as embodiments of His loving Conscious, and that we create
our lives in the joyous knowing of His Holy Presence within and all around us.

In the process of our Becoming, when we lovingly assist one another and care for them, we
help to bring about a kind and loving world. In truth “they” do not actually exist. We are
all individuated aspects of the One Holy Presence as It is experiencing itself in the
hologram I call The Body of God in Creation. “They” in fact are “me”.. the Holy Presence
of God, but we do not know it.”

So when we seek to manipulate or use others, we actually harm them, and we ultimately are harming ourselves as well. We are all One Being appearing as many, and when we hurt someone else, we are only serving to keep the darkness and selfishness of the world in place, when what is needed is Love. Love, caring, and kindness toward others WILL change the world, but it needs to be directed toward ourselves as well by choosing to do the right thing, even when the wrong thing is so appealing.

It’s in our Nature to love and to live in joy, and when we are connected to our heart, which can in part be attained through our kindness and caring actis, love will arise of it’s own accord. It is the nature of the ego to live in fear and separation however, and it’s that fear which causes us to do harm. The ego believes we need to do things that our hearts tell us not to do in order to survive, primarily because we’re hard wired for it. It was a necessary function in our history or we probably would not have survived, but the need for it is past. What is needed now is to BE love, and to Allow it in in every moment. Life will lead us on our path, and the Divine WILL open us to our inherent Beingness, but we must turn within and ask, and remain Present in the Now and dwell as much as possible in goodness.

Namaste’, Sat Nam and Blessings