Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

What Is The Purpose Of Our Lives?

What is life but to become who and what we are? It isn’t about attaining more things or becoming wealthy, nor was it originally about suffering, or trying to survive in our daily existence, but those are things of the world today because they are the things of the mind and most of us live in the illusory world of the mind. What is hidden from view is the Truth of our Being, which is that we are all radiant Souls which encapsulate the body in yet another experience in the Body of God on its way to perfection. Or not. It depends on the choices we make and how much we want to know the Truth of who and what we are.

It was never intended by the Infinite for things to be this way, Creation was intended to be a place to “Create our lives in joy” as was spoken to me in Oneness. It was meant to be a playground of happiness and joy, as embodiments of God in Creation. But as I was also told, “It was never meant to be this way”, so something happened which altered God’s plan and we became what we are now. But we also have an opportunity now which is like no other since the dawn of time to find our way back home. But how can we do that in this world with mayhem and darkness seemingly everywhere? With a sincere desire, with prayer, chanting, intention, continual focus on our goal, and with meditation and by being Present in the Now and observing ourselves and our reality.

Nothing actually exists but the Now Moment, there is no past nor any future. And as the Observer of our reality we can experience the truth behind the veil. We are in a vast and beautiful hologram which has been here all along, but we don’t know it because we identify with the mind and we’ve forgotten our origin. And believing in the mind and it’s stories are keeping us trapped in the illusion.

Yeshua called the “hologram” The Kingdom of Heaven, and in The Gospel of Thomas He said it is already here within us and all around us. It is, and It will reveal itself if we become present and observe what is happening both within us and all around us. This I know because I’ve experienced it on many occasions. Life is Conscious, all aspects of Life are conscious of themselves as being part of the One, and they rejoice in the knowing of other as part of Self.

Everything we encounter is also our teacher, the hologram reflects back to us who we have become, and if we are paying attention it will provide us with a wonderful gift; the opportunity to know ourselves and what we are at the deepest levels of mind, and Presence is the key to the discovery of those programs, or constructs. And as they are discovered one by one, they will change, some will dissipate completely, and they will be replaced by Consciousness, and by wisdom as the True Self emerges.

The most important part of our awakening is desire and intention. When used together they can, and eventually will, open the doorway. As the great Sage Yogananda once said “God cannot refuse a sincere heart”. Our powerful desire moves the universe to begin the process of our awakening as we speak to the Heart of God through our Soul, and our desire is heard. Our desire, intention and determination to succeed provide the fuel that keeps us ever moving forward, and in time that desire, will become devotion and love for the Infinite, and it will as we progress become our reality. We will come to find that Love will move within us of It’s own volition, until finally the full Truth of our being is revealed and embodied and God dwells Consciously within the human form.
Until next time,
Namaste’, Sat Nam and Blessings