Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

Conscious Living

     What does it mean to live Consciously in today’s world? In part it is becoming more aware of the planet.. living in harmony with nature and choosing to eat and purchase organic products for example. And it also means living peacefully and harmoniously with others and helping and love one another. These are all an important part of consciousness, but there is more to it than just that..

     To really live fully consciously on the planet means to know who and what we are, and to live as Creator intended for us to live. The questions “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose in life?” and most importantly, “Who AM I?” will ultimately lead to the attainment of consciousness, and to our living consciously.

     These are critical questions that we need to ask ourselves. Many of us are doing exactly that because we’re all hearing the same inner voice.. a call to discover our true nature. We know intuitively that there is more to us and to this world than we are consciously aware of, and the answer is almost begging to be discovered within us.

     So how then do we answer these questions and discover who we really are and come to live as fully conscious beings? The answer to that can be found in Present Moment Awareness. And the good news is you can bring yourself into the Present Moment in your day to day life and live consciously and from the heart. It’s actually not difficult, but it does require attentiveness and persistence.

     The first step is to end your identification with your mind and thoughts and realize that you are not your stories. You are not who and what you have come to believe you are. This can be pretty scary for a lot of people, but the truth is that you are not your judgments or beliefs or your stories. They were instilled in your neural net beginning when you were a child.

     As you begin to look at those things and realize they are just stories and beliefs and you stop identifying with them as YOU, a fundament shift will take place within your being. You become aware of your mind and observe it, knowing that it is not who you Are.

     Once you have brought awareness to your mind and stories you can bring yourself to Present Moment Awareness. To bring yourself Present first you have to slow down. If you are a meditator, great, but if not you can still become aware of your breath and the feelings and sensations of your body as you go through your day.

     Become mindful of what you are doing and pay attention to what is before you in every moment. When you do this life will slow down, stresses created by the mind will fall away, and you will discover a richness in being in the Now that you never knew existed.

     As Dan Millman said in Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, “There are No Ordinary Moments.”.. and you will discover the truth of that for yourself when you live life in Present Moment Awareness.

     In time as you practice doing it you will also discover that the underlying Truth of your Being will rise up and reveal itself to you as it has to me and tens of thousands of others. And when that happens, you will discover your True Nature and know irrevocably Who and What you are.

     We are all at this moment living in “The Body of God”, and ultimately we will all come to know that experientially. And I said, we are beginning to experience it by the thousands.

     People around the globe are experiencing Spontaneous Awakenings, and discovering Who they are, and why they’re here, and you can too. Bring yourself Present in the Now and wonders will happen.
Until next time, keep smiling!
Namaste’ and Blessings,