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“Our lives are a continual process of becoming; which in it’s essence is a spiritual unfoldment as we come to know who and what we are. When we understand this is the purpose of our being here and what it entails, we become able to participate in our own process of Awakening and more easily become open to our True Beingness and live the life we were intended to live.”

My Spiritual Life Coaching focuses primarily on helping you to become aware that you are not the mind, but are living in the world of the mind, which is the world of illusion.  Our false beliefs are unconsciously keeping us from the life we want, and the freedom that is calling us from within.

I am also able to tune in to energy fields and see where the energy centers (chakras) are blocked and help to get resolved and restore the right flow of energy in the body. In addition I often am shown current or past life conditions that are influencing current conditions and help to resolve those as well. These energies are usually the result of karma or what we embodied into our psyche from our early programming.

I also teach my clients how to live in the Present Moment in heart centered awareness, and how to become aware of mental and emotional distortions and shift them.  Part of this is learning how to quiet the mind and become deeply Present and live in the Now Moment.  Present Moment Awareness connects us to our inner Divine Nature, which enhances in turn brings inner peace and also enhances intuition and Awareness. And it enables us to see self sabotaging mental and emotional constructs.  Ultimately it will also open the way for deep Spiritual Realization, because I said on the home page, when we clear our mental constructs and heal our emotional body, the Truth of our Being will arise naturally.

In order to live to our fullest potential we must step out of the world of the mind and learn to become the watched of ourselves as we go about our daily lives. This in turn will aid in resolving dysfunctional programming, and help to align to to your Divine Nature. The more connected we are to the Infinite, the more able we become to cultivate a healthy mind and emotional state and come to live from a state of Presence. From this state you are also able to create and maintain a healthy body and abundance. 

Essentially, when we have dysfunctional programming and “stuck” emotions, we are out of balance with the way God intended for us to live.

We are actually in an immense Quantum Field of pure energy which, in my first experience in Oneness, The Voice of Oneness (or God) called “The Body Of God In Creation”, and along with the previous, and among other things, I can show you how to work with universal laws to enable you to heal your life from within and become Conscious, and to create new realities in both your inner and outer circumstances. Please see my page Conscious Reality Creation for more information on that teaching.

I also counsel in other areas as  I have personally experienced Clinical Depression, PTSD and Addiction in the past. I came to discover over time that they all can be healed with determined intent and through changing inner thought and belief structures.

I’m available for one on one personal counseling via phone sessions or in person.
Namaste’ John

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