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The Time To Awaken To Who And What You Are Is NOW


  • The Way To Spiritual Awakening

Within each and every one of is the spirit of God, and we have the ability to awaken even in the midst of chaos. We are in that time now, one we have never experienced before, and events are showing us clearly that we need to wake up. That much is abundantly clear. Our collective consciousness since the Fall from Grace has been one of survival and the ego’s belief in separation, and often it has be without regard of the cost to others or to the earth.

The ego knows only separation, believing the “self” to be apart from others, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are all ONE. We are One human family, and the day will come when we all know that, and hatred and separation will cease to exist.


Jimi Hendrix


If we are to change the world in any meaningful way, we MUST begin by changing ourselves, and if we are to do that we have to choose between being in the calm center of our Divinity within our heart and observing the ego from Present Moment Awareness, and refuse to remain in the old constructs of powerlessness and fear. When we are Present in the Now Moment and observing the ego, we remove ourselves from the collective mind of humanity and when we simultaneously align with the frequency of the heart we connect to our Soul, and in doing that we enable ourselves to see our patterns and fears as they arise. And when they do, we simply surrender them to God and allow Infinite Wisdom to gradually carry us more and more deeply into the Refuge of our True Beingness, as the Undifferentiated Consciousness of Self.

All That Exists Is One, Separation Is An Illusion.

Jesus – The Gospel of Thomas

Our Divine Nature is happiness, love and compassion, but for many it is overshadowed by our belief in separation, which leads to judgment and even hatred and has for thousands of years. But it was never intended to be this way. When Yeshua said: “Be in the world but not of it“, he was referring to our need to be aligned with the love within us and not with the things of the of world or of our thinking mind. That means trusting in the Divine Wisdom and Power of God within and all around us to get us through any challenge, and it is still the same today. When we’re aligned with God, our Divine Nature, and we live our lives with kindness, goodness and love we will naturally shift to higher and higher levels of vibration and consciousness until eventually love and joy along with greater wisdom become our only reality.

When we are aligned within we no longer have to struggle because we trust in the Infinite, and we understand Life’s natural rhythm, and Divine love will happen through us. Infinite Wisdom will literally walk and talk in us and through us. When we’re in this “flow” things become easy and effortless, and feelings of fear and angst and our ego’s driving need to struggle to survive begin to fall away. We come to know that we are part of God in Creation, and we feel the Divine Presence within ourselves, which is what I call becoming “Self”, or the Conscious Human.

“It is My Will that you know Who and What you are and create your lives in Joy.”

This was told to me during the third awakening I experienced in 2006 when I was taken into Oneness for the second time. But how do we come to know who and what we are when the only thing we know and believe is we are what we’re not? As I mentioned previously, the way to accomplish it is to become Present in the Now, but it’s also important to go within and meditate, or “Be still and know I am God”. Not only does meditation change our physiology and calm us, it also helps make us more aware of ourselves and the world.

When we combine that with Presence and pay attention to what’s happening in the mind and body during the day we can progress very rapidly, especially with the available energy on the earth today.  Becoming Present in the Now is closely related to the practice of Mindfulness and it helps us to become aware of how we’re “wired up”, ie to see our conscious and even subconscious programming, as it’s reflected to us in our daily experience. And some programs, or mental patterns will automatically start to deconstruct simply by becoming aware of them, and as they do another aspect of the false self and this in turn allows the spaciousness for consciousness to arise further of it’s own accord.

If we allow our programming to continue to control us, our life will always be as it has been, or worse.. so it’s imperative that we discover who and what we are at the level of mind. Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”, and that applies to consciousness as well.

Many people are aware that we create our own reality via our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and everything that happens in our lives is the direct result of our conscious and subconscious programming, yet few apply that to spiritual awakening. We often blame others for our plight or our lot in life,  and if our thinking is dark enough we also attract dark beings and entities (demons for example), which only server to make matters worse. But by first deciding that we are going to follow the path of sages and saints, and learn how to watch the mind and discover the false self we take charge and we can “rewire” ourselves to greater and greater states of positivity, caring and even love and compassion, and as we do more and more Light will become embodied within is and Darkness will be both denied and resolved. And when this happens, a beautiful Life begins to arise as if by magic because the Divine Self is being activated and Infinite love and wisdom then becomes able to work within us and through us.


The Spark of the Divine is within each and every one of us, but we must take the first step, then we must participate. We must invite it in, and when we do it will begin transform what is out of balance and restore us to peace and love as quickly as we can handle it. A great purification is happening on the planet right now, and it presents a tremendous opportunity for us to awaken, but WE are the key. Life cannot, and WILL NOT do it unless we take the first step and continue walking. The truth is that a time like this has never happened on the planet before. In spite of appearances to the contrary, humanity is evolving rapidly, and trust me, you definitely want to be on the train.

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