Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

Understanding The Soul’s Progression

     It’s very easy to see that today’s world is wrought with strife and discord, perhaps more so than ever before in human history.

     This is, however, a natural progression of the evolution of humanity, and it is offering us a way home. The world is only a reflection of our inner state of being, both individually and collectively, and when we come to understand this and recognize that the way to true and lasting change in the world is to change ourselves, we, and the world itself will change.

     We are being shown daily the collective dysfunction of mankind, and for those who heed the call we are also being shown how to heal ourselves and the world through the many spiritual teachers who are on the planet today.

     In a very real sense we are engaged in our Reclamation of the Soul in the body of God in Creation. Eons ago we became lost in the world of the Mind and in our belief in separation. We came to believe that we have to fight and struggle in order to survive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Now we have an opportunity to reclaim ourselves and live as the Divine beings that we are.

     Life is life is offering us an unprecedented opportunity to become Present in the Now Moment and to learn how to watch the mind, and how to delve deep within through meditation and discover how our individual and collective bio-computer is “wired up”. This in turn will enable us to resolve the issues that have resulted from our programming and false beliefs and once we are aware of them they will fall away.

     Over time as we do this work we cease to be victims of our mind and instead become its master, and we do we become more able to reside deeply in the Now. And over time the ever present field of Oneness will begin to reveal Itself to us.

     Meditation is a very important part of this process. As we go deeper and deeper within, we reconnect to the soul, which has, for all intents and purposes been largely forgotten. By continuing to open ourselves to the Divine by going within, the inner world in time will become more real than the outer. In this process our reclamation of the inner Self connects us even more deeply to our True Beingness which in turn enables us to embody the soul and come even more deeply into Present Moment Awareness.

     The kingdom is waiting within and around us, but we are the only ones who can work with Life to bring ourselves Home.  It is what God wants, and it is imperative that if we are going to change our world and reclaim the Kingdom we must first reclaim ourselves.
Until next time,