Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

Resolving The Ego

     What does it mean to resolve the ego? Essentially it’s a process of discovering how our brain (or bio computer as I call it) is “wired up”, and when we do the process of discovering our programming will change or resolve it. I’ve seen many occasions where egoic constructs shift dramatically just by becoming aware of them, but that isn’t always the case, nor is it necessarily as easy as it sounds. 

     In her book (and program) “The Work” Byron Katie talks about resolving the ego by paying attention to your inner dialog and questioning the reality of what thoughts or beliefs come up.  It’s a wonderful program by the way and I recommend you check it out.

     In India overcoming the ego by rising above it is stressed, but if we only rise above our programming (constructs) by attaining a state of perpetual bliss there is no real benefit to humanity overall, save perhaps creating a pathway for others to be in bliss all day. That is definitely a lot of fun, I know because I’ve done it, but I also discovered that resolving the ego brings about many positive things that overcoming will not.

      When we are able to “rewire” the mind/ego by resolving our constructs, or beliefs it changes one’s entire reality, meaning your whole world shifts when constructs are resolved. This is because it frees up a great deal of energy for one thing, and for another we have a higher level of consciousness and are much more functional overall in the world, which helps everyone. And doing it also helps to resolve similar constructs throughout the entirety of the human collective mind, so by resolving our ego, we change not only ourselves, but the world as a whole.

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