Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

Taking Personal Responsibility


     As I’ve mentioned previously, life is a process of Becoming who and what we are while on the planet, and to do that requires that we take personal responsibility for our spiritual growth and awakening and be mindful of what we do with our energy. Where we put our focus and attention and where we allow our thinking minds to go can have profound implications on our well being and spiritual growth.

     When we drink too much for example, use drugs or watch violent or lewd movies, we are engaging in energy fields that are not beneficial for our higher beingness and our growth or for the world and humanity. The reason is because we become “entangled” in these fields of energy, which are constructs of the world (and the mind) of humanity and only serve to keep us trapped in the mind/ego and the illusion of separateness, and they engender more of it.

     The world of the Divine is veiled just beneath the surface of the world we live in. This is the reality of creation, and is what Yeshua called the Kingdom of Heaven. It is within us and around us at all times… however it is veiled from the current reality because we live in the illusions of the mind. This illusory reality is of what some call the Astral plane, and the Kingdom being the Ethers or Etheric plane.

     The Astral is what I sometimes call “not God”, because while it is actually part of Creation, it is a frequency that keeps us from knowing who we are, and the mental plane is part of that. It is the belief in  separateness, strife and suffering, due to the constructs we have unknowingly created over thousands of years. We have become victims of our own behavior, and the belief that we have to struggle to survive, and even to harm others, but this is not the truth, nor was it ever.

     The 23rd Psalm reads “He guides me on paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake”. His Name, is the energy field of Divinity which is our essence, so it becomes clear that it’s imperative that if we are to grow spiritually we must be in vibrational alignment with that energy as much as we can. And this is where personal choice comes into play.

     We always have a choice with respect to where our energy goes and what we allow into our field. We can choose to engage in violent video games, gossiping about others, or any number of things that are out of alignment with who and what we are, but this is a massive error that will ultimately bring difficulty and harm. This is what Yeshua was referring to when he talked about”sin”. The word in ancient Aramaic is derived from an archery term of that time which meant  “to miss the mark”.

     When we’re told that we are all “born in sin” in a very real way that is absolutely true, but it has taken on meanings and has implications that are not. We re not evil, nor are we “victims” of this unknown thing called “sin”. It does exist, and it is pointing to the fact that living in the world of the mind and believing that we are separate from God is an error. When we accept Jesus (Yeshua) as our Savior, we come into alignment with who and what he was, and when we “confess our sins” we are engaging in a process of purification of the soul and mind that helps make that happen.

     He overcame the world of the mind and of duality, and He also showed us what we really are and what we can do in saying “These things and more can you also do”. Can we move mountains? Absolutely.. when we accept fully that we can we will be able to do so. The same goes for healing, casting out demons and everything else he showed us.

     He was pointing us to the fact that we are all capable of being like Him, and if we are to do that then we need to model that behavior and his goodness, and we need to come into alignment with who and what He was (and is). But it cannot be done from the level of the mind, it can only be done by become good, kind, loving and caring people and discovering who and what our essential nature and being is as part of God. And, in bringing Him into our hearts is a powerful thing by the way, but it is not the only way to realize God.

     At our core we are already embodiments of God in Creation, and collectively we are as well, along with all of the planets and universes that exist. We are not aware of this however because we believe in separation, and also because we keep ourselves in separation by not doing everything we can to align ourselves with God.

     Another very important aspect of this is to invite God into our lives and to “hand over the reigns” to the Infinite Wisdom and Intelligence with the understanding that God will guide us and work in concert with us, and if we are willing and doing everything we can to raise our vibration it will help greatly in the process of the awakening that is happening on the planet at this time.

     In closing, be of the mind that you are in the Body of God in Creation, and are responsible for helping to open the way for your spiritual growth and Becoming. Pray, meditate, invite the Divine in to your life allow God to guide and care for you as you grow and Become, and refrain from things that will drawn you further into the illusions of the mind and separateness.
Namaste’ and much love,