Ask Yourself “Who Am I?” And Don’t Stop Until You Know

The Great Awakening

The division that exists in humanity and and the world situation now has to do with two things, one is human psychology because it only takes as little as 10% of a population to agree on a thing as being true for the entire population to accept it as being true. And when considered from the perspective of the second aspect, which is collective consciousness.. when a Thought Form is introduced into the field of consciousness if it gains momentum among the masses the energy field becomes enormous, and in people who are not aware, free thinkers it can spread like a wildfire on the prairie.

This is why we should question many of the things we are told and accept nothing until we research them, and pray on them to gain clarity when it doesn’t feel right. Truth is available for the asking from Source/God if we ask, and often (if we are among the free thinkers who question things rather than blindly accepting everything) it can be found simply by doing our due diligence and researching it, or perhaps just pondering it for a while.

There is also another factor at play in the world today however, which is a massive thrust of dark energy that we are struggling to break free of, and it (in part) is the reason that so many do not question, but instead blindly follow. This energy, and these “beings” (who are not of this world) have had the human race enslaved psychologically and emotionally via influence and control over our innate ability to intuit things from within our own Divine nature for millennia. Most were not even aware that it/they existed, though they are there and obvious to anyone who is paying attention.

So then what is the solution? Awareness is. Curiosity is. Love is, and accepting nothing but our innate inner self to guide us. And we must make an effort to allow our connection within to God/Source so we can regain our Divinity while embodied.

We were never meant to be as we are, we (and the hologram we call reality) were created so we could experience and create. It was given me many years ago during an opening into the Oneness Field (or as Yeshua called it, “The Kingdom”) that “It was never meant to be this way, it is My Will that you know who and what you are, and create your lives in Joy”.

That one statement made me realize that the reality of our being is that we should be able to attain, (or perhaps regain) The Kingdom through desire and willingness, and by purifying the self… meaning adopting the principles of right thinking, of being kind and loving to everyone as Yeshua taught (in part because they are also embodiments of Creator, and to deny them is to deny the fullness of God).

We must also boldly and honestly face our own wrong doing and shadows when they arise, and in turn God/Source will purify us and reclaim the original intention for humanity. This aspect of the current process of purification is an automatic function of Divine Nature that is happening right now.. and we need only open to it, accept it and participate for it to do it’s magic. When we do, as this continues to happen the mind and the Sacred Beings that we are will over time become embodied. In other words, we will become Divine Humans because that was the intention from the beginning.

This point in our history sees us experiencing a massive thrust in that direction.. which is actually another reason that things are as divisive as they are. As the light becomes stronger the darkness is being revealed (and it is fighting to maintain control as well) but we have an opportunity now to choose love, and look openly at the error of our ways and to make reparations, and what has overtaken us from within will loose control of us and we will once again gain our freedom.. but this time it will not so easily be relinquished.
Namaste’, Sat Nam and Blessings