In this article I’d like to give you some ways that you can to easily become Present in the Now “reality” as an observer.  We actually connect with the deeper Truth of our Self by  becoming Present and, and we shift our vibration and that of the world when we do it. To do this though you have to understand why you don’t experience your True Self in the first place. The reason we don’t is that most people are primarily identified with the mind or ego as their reality and who they believe they are. Our beliefs in separation, that this realm is “real” and our identity with our egos as our ‘Self’ creates   most of the issue.  Another aspect of it is that we’re not connected to our hearts, which separates us from our True Nature as well. So to get back home we have to reverse our course.

To accomplish this, you first need to realize that you are NOT your mind. The mind is only a series of neural pathways and it creates chemical responses that originated primarily from your childhood and the way you were raised.. and also from what you have been taught since that time.  You also need to become the “Watcher” of yourself.  The mind is much like a computer.. what you put in, you get out.  If a code is written correctly, the program functions as it should, but if it’s not, the program will malfunction.  This is essentially what happens with our mind.. and why it’s necessary to see how we’re wired so it can be resolved.

By becoming the Watcher, or Witness you essentially disconnect from the mind and instead watch it.  You’ll most likely be surprised and maybe even shocked at what your ego is doing when you’re not paying attention. 

To practice being Present and watching you have to shift your perception from your thinking mind into your breathing body and heart, or your feeling nature. Meditation is a great way to help you in this process.. but you also need to practice it during waking hours. One good way to do that is to become still when you first wake up in the morning, and just observe all that is around you, and to watch your breath.

To do what I call dropping down into the heart, all you need to do is to think about something you are grateful for, someone you deeply love, or something that happened that was very moving for you.  Doing this will activate the heart chakra, and it will help you to become Present and heart connected. 

Once you have opened your heart (which is our connection to our fundamental Beingness).. be the watcher and pay attention to what is in front of you at every moment. Give Life your full attention.  Whether you’re at a job or talking to a friend or washing the dishes. This act increases your energetic alignment with the Now.. and begins to align you with your True Self.. and it will bring you deeply into what I call Present Moment Awareness.

If your thinking mind pops up.. realign yourself with your body and the Now by focusing your attention on your breathing for a while or on your heartbeat. When you do this consistently you find thar your mind begins to be more quiet.. and with time it becomes second nature to see thoughts pop up so they are no longer able to take you out of the Present Moment.

There is another aspect to this process that has to eventually happen, and it has to do with Awareness and watching the mind and it’s shenanigans. When you become aware of how you got wired up mentally and “witness” (or bring consciousness) to those parts of your thinking mind that are keeping you spinning around, you free yourself one pattern at a time until your mind/ego is fully integrated into Self.

You do have to be fundamentally present and be Aware in order to see the mind though.. and to do that you have to bring yourself Present. So the whole process comes down to being in the Now. The beautiful thing about this is that when we completely relax into the Present Moment, we open the door for Truth to arise, and this is true even before we are mentally and emotionally integrated.

This is exactly what brought about my first Awakening. I dropped deeply into my heart and relaxed totally into the present moment and suddenly Being revealed Itself to me, and it’s several times since that time. It works the same way for everyone also because we already are THAT.. but we don’t know it because we are keeping ourselves separate. But when we drop into the Now.. we will find that Self is revealed to us automatically. Until next time..