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It’s All About Energy

Years ago I was doing Reiki healing and had a woman come to me who had done radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. After a few (successful) sessions to remove both the remaining cancer and the effects of the radiation and chemo, her husband called me aside and asked whether there was anything I could do for Multiple Personality Disorder.

I have to admit that even though I’d been a participant in, and witness to many miraculous healings over the years, my first inclination was probably not. I didn’t tell him that however. What I did tell him is that I would check in with one of my guides and see what I received back and would let him know on her last day.

The guide was a Chinese herbal doctor whom I studied under a few centuries ago, and when I inquired that night in my meditation whether I could do anything for Kate’s (not her real name) MPD, he told me in no uncertain terms that I indeed could. His way of communicating with me was, and is, in broken Chinese English for clarity and so I know it’s him, and he said; “It ALL about energy! Anything be done!!”

After hearing that and sensing the truth of it, I decided that I’d give it a shot and see what happened. I’d been working with that particular guide for many years, and I trusted him. So when her next appointment came, I told her husband what I had gotten, which he was understandably delighted to hear, and we set up a series of sessions. The end result was that after two months of once a week sessions her multiple personalities were indeed gone (I was also in touch with her for more than a year afterward and they remained so).

The reason I’m telling you this story is not to discuss Reiki, but to make a point. Everything is energy, and there is literally nothing that CANNOT be done. We are embodiments of God. You and I, and the entire range of galaxies and endless dimensions are ENERGY. There IS nothing else! We are UNLIMITED beings of Pure Light who are here to re-member who, and what we are. In so doing we would then change our experience and the experience of this planet from one of pain and suffering to one of delight in the joy of the experience of knowing our Oneness and in Creating our lives.

The irony of it though is that there is really nothing for us to “become” or to “do”. All that is required is that we first realize that we’ve become lost in our egos, and then to understand that we are here to work in conjunction with out own Divinity to get ourselves back home. And Home, as Jesus said, is The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And Oneness is the Kingdom. It is there where we experience ourselves as part of God in Creation, and as beings of Light.

This seemingly endless drama and suffering that we are engaged in, is really intended to be the springboard for our recognition and realization of who we REALLY are. It is not enough however to simply understand it from the level of mind/ego.. it must be by direct experience.

How this happens for each person is different for everyone and is a matter of Grace, but at the same time we participate in the creation of it. We are beings who in fact are not separate from God, and are co-creating becoming Consciousness on the planet. We are all One, yet we are part of the many that appears to be separate. It can be said that we are both the Divine creating It’s own Conscious Awakening, and that we are co-creating it with God as well. Either way, it is happening.

Why you are here is to discover that “It’s all about energy”, and you are that. So seek within because the truth of your being will be found there. “The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within”. Meditating can be as simple as sitting quietly and focusing on a sensation in your body. that is what I was doing when my first Awakening happened. You are pure energy, so by focusing your attention on your energy, you will come to experience our Light body.. or your true Essence.

And equally important, ASK to be shown the Truth. Ask God, in whatever way you know Him, to show you the Truth of who, and what you are. So long as you are sincere and do not waver, you will be shown. You are a creator of your experience, so if the Impulse to Awaken has arisen within you, respond to it’s call. Your desire and sincere intent to Awaken begins and sustains the creation of your own Spiritual Awakening. For more on this process see my article on Allowing here.

Conscious Living

Conscious Living

What does it mean to live Consciously in today’s world? In part it is becoming more aware of the planet.. living in harmony with nature and choosing to eat and purchase organic products for example. And it also means living peacefully and harmoniously with others and helping and love one another. These are all an important part of consciousness, but there is more to it than just that..

To really live fully consciously on the planet means to know who and what we are, and to live as Creator intended for us to live. The questions “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose in life?” and most importantly, “Who AM I?” will ultimately lead to the attainment of consciousness, and to our living consciously.

These are critical questions that we need to ask ourselves. Many of us are doing exactly that because we’re all hearing the same inner voice.. a call to discover our true nature. We know intuitively that there is more to us and to this world than we are consciously aware of, and the answer is almost begging to be discovered within us.

So how then do we answer these questions and discover who we really are and come to live as fully conscious beings? The answer to that can be found in Present Moment Awareness. And the good news is you can bring yourself into the Present Moment in your day to day life and live consciously and from the heart. It’s actually not difficult, but it does require attentiveness and persistence.

The first step is to end your identification with your mind and thoughts and realize that you are not your stories. You are not who and what you have come to believe you are. This can be pretty scary for a lot of people, but the truth is that you are not your judgments or beliefs or your stories. They were instilled in your neural net beginning when you were a child.

As you begin to look at those things and realize they are just stories and beliefs and you stop identifying with them as YOU, a fundament shift will take place within your being. You become aware of your mind and observe it, knowing that it is not who you Are.

Once you have brought awareness to your mind and stories you can bring yourself to Present Moment Awareness. To bring yourself Present first you have to slow down. If you are a meditator, great, but if not you can still become aware of your breath and the feelings and sensations of your body as you go through your day.

Become mindful of what you are doing and pay attention to what is before you in every moment. When you do this life will slow down, stresses created by the mind will fall away, and you will discover a richness in being in the Now that you never knew existed.

As Dan Millman said in Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, “There are No Ordinary Moments.”.. and you will discover the truth of that for yourself when you live life in Present Moment Awareness.

In time as you practice doing it you will also discover that the underlying Truth of your Being will rise up and reveal itself to you as it has to me and tens of thousands of others. And when that happens, you will discover your True Nature and know irrevocably Who and What you are.

We are all at this moment living in “The Body of God”, and ultimately we will all come to know that experientially. And I said, we are beginning to experience it by the thousands.

People around the globe are experiencing Spontaneous Awakenings, and discovering Who they are, and why they’re here, and you can too. Bring yourself Present in the Now and wonders will happen.

Until next time, keep smiling!

Namaste’ and Blessings,


One of the most important tools you have when it comes to attaining higher consciousness and spiritual awakening is simply allowing.  Life, already knows exactly how to Awaken you and what is needed along the way, and cooperating by allowing the process to unfold as it needs to will help you immensely. 

Late in his life someone asked J. Krishnamurti in a satsang what his “secret” was, and his reply was “My secret is; I don’t mind what happens”.  When we are in a state of allowing when we don’t mind what happens.. we are letting Life be exactly what it is and what it needs to be at any given moment.  In other words, life is always perfect just as it is.. even though it may not seem to be.

When life presents us with a situation or event, your allowing it to be as it is gives you the freedom to be an observer, or witness to the event or situation and to learn from it.  This is important because your energy is what is creating the situation you’re are experiencing, so if you don’t like what you’re seeing outwardly, all you have to do is to turn around and look at how you created it and change it.  Your lack of judgment of the situation will generally also have the effect of shifting it, and you.

Another aspect of Allowing relates to doing the “inner work” of awakening.  Inner work is a process of becoming aware of your stories, beliefs and judgments, and once you’re aware of what they are, you simply watch them when they arise.  When you understand that all of the stories you have created about life are fictions, you can separate yourself from them and watch them as they arise.  When you no longer believe in them, it takes the “juice” out of them. 

And just as watching situations and events in your life unfold, witnessing and allowing what’s happening in your mental and emotional states can, and will change the underlying energy behind them. In other words,  watching your mind and feeling your emotions as they arise can will shift the pattern.

As I said, Life already knows exactly what to do to awaken us, so when you ‘witness’ or watch the mind and it’s shenanigans, you are bringing the deeper Awareness that you are into the equation.  Doing that creates a shift in the story all by itself.  I’ve referred to it as “creating an off ramp on the freeway”.  In other words, when you become of a pattern of thinking that your mind runs, it creates an exit point, and the pattern never runs the same again.  And when you’ve done it enough times, it stops running at all.  So you can see in this process that there is nothing to be done and nothing to clear or heal because the Consciousness that you Are does it for you. 

If you’re like me, you may have learned and used any number of self help techniques along the way, and if you have you’ve probably found that some work a little, some work pretty well, and some don’t work at all.  That was my experience anyway.  The problem with this approach is, other than the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort usually, is that the mind is involved in trying to fix itself.  You are applying your personal will and ego to change or heal what your ego believes is “wrong” with you.  The truth is that you are already a beautiful being and don’t need “fixing”.

Trying to fix or heal the self can actually be a trap.  Once you get involved in it, because you are in a co-creative universe, more “stuff” will show up for you to resolve.  Why? Because you are literally asking the universe for it, and so it gives it to you.  Simply observing and allowing bypasses this entire problem and goes directly to the heart of the matter and lets Consciousness take care of it.

As I said, Life knows what you need, and It will resolve the energies and constructs of your past, but it still does require that you participate. You won’t get anywhere by being a spiritual couch potato and expecting Life to do it all for you.  It isn’t going to happen.  Being a conscious participant also means asking for what you need, watching your mind, and allowing any stuck emotional energies that may be in your body to arise.

If you don’t know where to start or how to discover what your stories are, just ask and you will be shown.  When asking you might say “Please bring it to me in a way that I know that it’s coming from you”.  This ensures that it won’t come up and pass by without your becoming aware of it.  Then just wait, and whatever you need to see will arise.  It may be a feeling in your gut, it may be some kind of mental pattern or judgment.. but it will show up in such a way that you can see it and can be with it and allow Life to heal it.

If it’s a pattern in the mind, just watch it without judgment or feeling a need to change it.  As I said, life will change it by itself.  It what comes up is an unresolved emotional issue, be with that.  It runs against the workings of the ego to do that, but do it anyway.  When you allow yourself to feel your pain without getting lost in the story behind it, you will find that it will dissipate on it’s own, and you may even discover that it has a sort of sublime beauty all it’s own.