More On Awaken Spiritually

We are at a critical juncture in the evolution of humanity where it is not only time we wake up, it’s absolutely necessary that we awaken spiritually or we will destroy ourselves and our planet. We are already in the Body of God In Creation but most of us don’t know it. We don’t realize who and what we really are because we believe we’re our bodies and our egoic identity, but that is a shadow self. Beneath the surface appearance however is pure consciousness and energy, and that consciousness desires to realize Itself in human form. 


This IS what is true:

God/Creator is within each and every one of us, and we are within God. There is no ‘other’ and there is no separation.. There is ONLY Oneness. We are the ONE appearing as many, and all things are One Thing. 

As the Soul Self we are what witnesses the experience of life on the planet, and that Awareness is our true nature. We are all Pure Light, and we are also one with the All That Is.. and as I said previously, we are all in the Body of God in Creation in this very moment.


Jesus said  in the Gospel of Thomas

“…The Kingdom Is Inside Of You, And It Is Outside Of You” , and  “Know ye not that ye are gods?”

and it is very clear from these statements that He was telling us that we are far more than we know. 

Many people on the path believe they have to “fix” themselves in order to become Consciousness or to Awaken, but it isn’t true. What you are seeking is within you and all around you at this very moment. All that is needed is to understand that you are not the mind and in so doing you step outside of its control over you and you will  begin to come into alignment with what is already here.

Many of us on the spiritual path want to change the world, and rightly so because it needs to be changed.  But in order to affect permanent change in the collective consciousness of humanity, we must change ourselves, and as we do we also begin to change the collective to Love, Light, Peace and Joy.


So what then is preventing us from doing that? Our mind/ego is, or in other words, it is our beliefs.

“As you believe, so shall it be done unto you.”  Jesus

“Your life is the result of all you have thought.”  Buddha”


But how do we awaken Spiritually?  It begins with a powerful desire to know the Truth of Life and to know Who and What you really are. The path you take isn’t nearly as important as your desire, tenacity and Trust in the Infinite.  God wants to awaken within humanity, and It will in anyone who desires it and stays the course.

The next step is meditation. Only by going within will our True Self begin to arise. Most of humanity is controlled by their mind, but by going within you begin to change that, and your identity over time becomes more with your inner being than with your outer.  

In combination with some type of meditation is the art of being Present in the Now Moment.  The Now is all that exists.. there is no past and there is no future. To become Present in the Now requires only learning how to remain in the breathing body and not the mind, and how to live from the heart because the heart chakra is the doorway to the Divine within, and with it come compassion, love and understanding. 

There has never been a better time in the history of the human race for us to access our deeper inner nature and connect to our heart and live from Present Moment Awareness. When we do that, our True Self which is already here WILL reveal itself in time.