There is much good happening in this world right now, more than we may know. Remember, when we focus on one thing, and especially on one thing only, that becomes our reality. Fear begets more fear, Love begets more love, and kindness begets more kindness. As Yeshua said, “As ye believe, so shall it be done unto you”, and Buddha said “Your life is the result of all you have thought”.
What we are experiencing in the world now is the uprising, the bringing to our conscious awareness that which we are and have been as a human species for millennia. We are divisive, we are hatred, we are fearful, yet we are also Love, Kindness and Goodness. There is one underlying reality however that is unseen by many, and it is that there is only ONE never failing Good in this world, and that is our Creator, and we ARE that Creator. We have often failed to live by, and from, the Goodness we are because we know it not. So we come here again and again for one reason, to become Love. I understand the unrest in the world at this time because I’ve experienced it myself many times throughout my life. We all have at some point. And deep within we know the reason for it is the darkness in humanity, and we don’t understand it because we remember the Goodness and the Light. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is susceptible to the influence of that same evil unless we value God and goodness more than we do our own life and live by the rule of love and kindness. Life is given by God, and by God only. It is Created by the Divine, and it is never ending.
This time and the bodies we inhabit are but one of many, perhaps many thousand for some, and they are all so we may come to know who and what we are as embodiments of God in Creation. As I’ve said many times, this is the greatest time to Awaken in the history of mankind. Why? Because we are given a choice. Are we going to cower and live in fear, or are we going to stand up and be without fear and in Trust of our Creator and in our Infinite Beingness that we know within, and realize that death is an illusion, and that freedom and love is what we are? We are all here to come to know Who and What we are, and to create our lives in Joy.
Fear itself is an illusion, a function of the survival mechanism of the mind. But are we going to believe in it and embrace it more than we believe and embrace the Supreme Being within ourselves and in all of Creation? That is our choice in a nutshell. There is ONLY one Creator, and the rest, no matter how real it seems in this “reality” is only an illusion. Does that mean we are to not take a stand in these dark times? No, it does not. We are to go within, to meditate, to trust, to pray in whatever way we do, even if we think we are small and without power, and to BECOME the fearless gods that we are. Yeshua said long ago “Ye are gods, yet ye know it not”. Now is the time for us to accept and embrace that profound Truth. Who and what we are is an Embodiment of God in Creation. But we are not all the same, some are warriors, some are spreaders of Truth, and some are here to Become the Light and to hold that frequency for others and to teach how to embrace it, and in so doing, we raise the consciousness of the entire planet. THAT my friends is the End Game, and God wins. Always.