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Do No Harm

I recently read an email which was sent to me from someone in the “self help” niche promoting a new book on how to make others do what you want, and I sent the following to the person promoting the book when they asked why I unsubscribed from their mailing list:

"Manipulating others to get what we want is a function of a selfish ego and does not serve
to bring about the will of the Divine in the world. The father's desire is that we come to
know who and what we are as embodiments of His loving Conscious, and that we create
our lives in the joyous knowing of His Holy Presence within and all around us. 

In the process of our Becoming, when we lovingly assist one another and care for them, we
help to bring about a kind and loving world. In truth "they" do not actually exist. We are
all individuated aspects of the One Holy Presence as It is experiencing itself in the
hologram I call The Body of God in Creation. "They" in fact are "me".. the Holy Presence
of God, but we do not know it." 

So when we seek to manipulate or use others, we actually harm them, and we ultimately are harming ourselves as well.  We are all One Being appearing as many, and when we hurt someone else, we are only serving to keep the darkness and selfishness of the world in place, when what is needed is Love. Love, caring, and kindness toward others WILL change the world, but it needs to be directed toward ourselves as well by choosing to do the right thing, even when the wrong thing is so appealing.

It’s in our Nature to love and to live in joy, and when we are connected to our heart, which can in part be attained through our kindness and caring actis, love will arise of it’s own accord.  It is the nature of the ego to live in fear and separation however, and it’s that fear which causes us to do harm. The ego believes we need to do things that our hearts tell us not to do in order to survive, primarily because we’re hard wired for it.  It was a necessary function in our history or we probably would not have survived, but the need for it is past.  What is needed now is to BE love, and to Allow it in in every moment. Life will lead us on our path, and the Divine WILL open us to our inherent Beingness, but we must turn within and ask, and remain Present in the Now and dwell as much as possible in goodness.

The Now is the only thing there is.  There is no past, and there is no future, that is only the mind reliving what was or projecting into what it imagines what might happen, or what it wants to happen.  But you are NOT the mind.. you are the soul which houses the body, and the mind is an aspect of that.

The Truth of your being lies within, hidden from your sight, yet it is always Present.  It is within you, and it is all around you simultaneously.  As I said in the reply above, there is no other.. there is only One.. and that One is also you.  You are a vast, unlimited being of unimaginable power, capable of performing miracles and of love unknown to most of humanity.

So let us become that. How? By quieting the mind, by being Present in the Now, by affirmation, prayer, visualization, meditation or whatever is your path.  What some find useful others don’t, so we must each find what works for us and what doesn’t.  One of the most beautiful and profoundly awake people I’ve every met never did a moment of formal meditation, but what she did do was to go within and commune with God in prayer.  A wise sage once said “There are many paths up the mountain, but there is only one mountain.” and as both the mountain and the valley, and everything in between, the Divine has a way for everyone.

I use, or have used all of what I mentioned by the way, but the primary reason I teach Presence is because the Truth is already here waiting for us to open to it, and when we do that we automatically invite it in and in time it WILL reveal itself to us.. and when It does, we will experience the Truth of who and what we are.  The great Cosmic Consciousness that IS  already knows far better than we do what we need, and how to guide us to it, so Trust in that Infinite Intelligence and let it guide your way.. become Present, and as the Observer of your reality you will find that you have the almost magical ability to watch the mind and discover what your programing is, and to allow for it’s resolution.

Over time you will come to discover that rather than being hijacked by your patterns and spending hours or perhaps days trapped in some long ago program, you find that you are able to simply watch them as you might watch a movie, and sometimes a very poorly written one.  But you can clearly see  how you are “wired up” nonetheless, and there can be tremendous value in that as you Become.

So whatever path you take, know that Divine Intelligence is already 50 steps ahead and has a plan. Let go of your identification with the mind and beliefs as being “You”, and instead watch your thinking through the magic lens of the Now Moment, simultaneously understanding that the great I AM is fully able to guide you and resolve it all.

Through sustained practice of being in the Moment, along with a heartfelt desire to know the truth of who and what you are, you will find that you are on a path that is ever deepening you into the Truth of your Being, and as that begins to emerge, over time you will come realize that you are a Divine Being in the Body of God, and beyond that you will experience the pure Consciousness and pure energy and Bliss of the Love that you ARE.


What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

What Is A
Spiritual Awakening?

A Spiritual Awakening essentially is an experience in which you experience yourself as part of God and God as part of you. You have the realization that you are not who you have believed yourself to be. You discover that you are Awareness in the vast ocean of energy that we call God.

This, among other things is that you discover that you are that which experiences, but you are not the experience. You are the witness behind the experience. You are that part of God which is experiencing itself. You are pure Awareness in The Body Of God.

You see clearly that you are in God, and God in You. There is no destination to reach. There is nothing to become. There is only the realization of that which IS.. and that you are part of the ALL THAT IS.

In the aftermath, you will also realize that you are not your stories. You are not your ego, or your beliefs, and you are not your pain or suffering. You may have experienced that, but you are NOT that.

The realization and experience of this is the first step to finding your way Home for many, and then the inner work begins. For others though, it is simple.. they have arrived. And others yet, the inner work itself paves the way.

Everyone’s path is different, and everyone experiences Awakening somewhat differently. Some Awaken Spontaneously and they are in deep Stillness and Presence from that point onward. For most though, after the initial Opening into Oneness there is much work that has to be done. If an awakening event where one experiences themselves as God is does not happen, it still remains that we must become conscious of our stories and of our mind and of our suppressed pain, and in so doing we become free. In this process, becoming conscious of our stories and pain and suffering will lead us home.

We cannot deny, or avoid, or get rid of our mind/ego or our pain. That is only ego wanting to avoid itself. Witnessing the stories we tell ourselves and others, and bringing awareness to every aspect of who we believe we are at the level of mind/ego will cause those things to fall away.

To bring Awareness to our stories is to bring Consciousness to them, and to bring Consciousness is to bring God.. and God is what you are.

So then the dance begins. You allow yourself to feel your pain when it arises. You do not try to stuff it or avoid it or fix it. Sit with it. Bring Consciousness to it. It is only trying to express itself. Allow yourself to feel, and your pain will dissipate and Joy and wholeness will follow.

As you go through this process you come to discover that it isn’t fatal, as your ego would have you believe. It is the way to freedom. It is the Way Home. It’s simple.. but not necessarily easy. When you do it you will find out.

It’s All About Energy

Years ago I was doing Reiki healing and had a woman come to me who had done radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. After a few (successful) sessions to remove both the remaining cancer and the effects of the radiation and chemo, her husband called me aside and asked whether there was anything I could do for Multiple Personality Disorder.

I have to admit that even though I’d been a participant in, and witness to many miraculous healings over the years, my first inclination was probably not. I didn’t tell him that however. What I did tell him is that I would check in with one of my guides and see what I received back and would let him know on her last day.

The guide was a Chinese herbal doctor whom I studied under a few centuries ago, and when I inquired that night in my meditation whether I could do anything for Kate’s (not her real name) MPD, he told me in no uncertain terms that I indeed could. His way of communicating with me was, and is, in broken Chinese English for clarity and so I know it’s him, and he said; “It ALL about energy! Anything be done!!”

After hearing that and sensing the truth of it, I decided that I’d give it a shot and see what happened. I’d been working with that particular guide for many years, and I trusted him. So when her next appointment came, I told her husband what I had gotten, which he was understandably delighted to hear, and we set up a series of sessions. The end result was that after two months of once a week sessions her multiple personalities were indeed gone (I was also in touch with her for more than a year afterward and they remained so).

The reason I’m telling you this story is not to discuss Reiki, but to make a point. Everything is energy, and there is literally nothing that CANNOT be done. We are embodiments of God. You and I, and the entire range of galaxies and endless dimensions are ENERGY. There IS nothing else! We are UNLIMITED beings of Pure Light who are here to re-member who, and what we are. In so doing we would then change our experience and the experience of this planet from one of pain and suffering to one of delight in the joy of the experience of knowing our Oneness and in Creating our lives.

The irony of it though is that there is really nothing for us to “become” or to “do”. All that is required is that we first realize that we’ve become lost in our egos, and then to understand that we are here to work in conjunction with out own Divinity to get ourselves back home. And Home, as Jesus said, is The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And Oneness is the Kingdom. It is there where we experience ourselves as part of God in Creation, and as beings of Light.

This seemingly endless drama and suffering that we are engaged in, is really intended to be the springboard for our recognition and realization of who we REALLY are. It is not enough however to simply understand it from the level of mind/ego.. it must be by direct experience.

How this happens for each person is different for everyone and is a matter of Grace, but at the same time we participate in the creation of it. We are beings who in fact are not separate from God, and are co-creating becoming Consciousness on the planet. We are all One, yet we are part of the many that appears to be separate. It can be said that we are both the Divine creating It’s own Conscious Awakening, and that we are co-creating it with God as well. Either way, it is happening.

Why you are here is to discover that “It’s all about energy”, and you are that. So seek within because the truth of your being will be found there. “The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within”. Meditating can be as simple as sitting quietly and focusing on a sensation in your body. that is what I was doing when my first Awakening happened. You are pure energy, so by focusing your attention on your energy, you will come to experience our Light body.. or your true Essence.

And equally important, ASK to be shown the Truth. Ask God, in whatever way you know Him, to show you the Truth of who, and what you are. So long as you are sincere and do not waver, you will be shown. You are a creator of your experience, so if the Impulse to Awaken has arisen within you, respond to it’s call. Your desire and sincere intent to Awaken begins and sustains the creation of your own Spiritual Awakening. For more on this process see my article on Allowing here.

Global Shift

Global Shift

It’s no secret that our financial system is collapsing in the country and that the world in general is in turmoil today. A lot of people are in fear for their survival, and that is perfectly understandable. When our survival is threatened our fight or flight mechanism comes into play just as it has since the beginning of the human race. It is why we’re still around today as a species.

But at the same time that we’re seeing what are probably the greatest challenges in our history, we also have an incredible opportunity for growth and change. The way we need to look at this is not THAT our current systems are collapsing and to be fearful about it.. but to take a look at WHY they are collapsing. And that reason why is because they need to be changed. This much should be obvious to everyone. What is not so obvious though is that in order to create lasting change, the fundamental premise that has been driving the current models needs to change, and that means changing people and the way we think and behave.

All of what is happening in the world today points to a deep need for a spiritual shift within humanity. The financial collapse is only a symptom and reflection of that need. Selfishness, greed and avarice have been driving our government and our economic models for decades, and we are now seeing reflected back to us in the world what we need to change within ourselves.

This is also happening now because things are coming to a head and the old ways of being are ending. The hologram is reflecting our own collective dysfunction back to us so we can see our errors in thinking and in our relationship to others. What we have before us is not intended by Spirit to frighten us into buying guns and gold, it is meant to give us an opportunity for change.

This is not happening just so we can take steps to “protect” ourselves.. although our survival instincts tell us that it is. That is solely the way of the reptilian brain and of base survival. What we are being called to do is to find our humanity within.. which is in and through the heart. We are being asked to shift from thinking only of self to thinking of others, and from selfishness to service to our community and to our global family.

Ultimately there IS no protection in the current way of things because it will continue until all beings involved find love/compassion within and begin to live from that place. Changing ourselves first, and then changing our business and financial models is the only real protection we have. By aligning ourselves with our true nature as Divine beings of Light in the Body of God we facilitate that change. When we come into alignment with who, and what we are, the entire world will change.

Living in our heads and operating from individual wants and desire will not work any longer. The human ego has proven itself to cause more harm than good.. and it must be brought into alignment. By dropping down into the heart and living from love and compassion, we take an enormous step toward healing ourselves and the planet and changing our world.

Never before in our history have we had such a tremendous opportunity. We have the ability to change ourselves, and as we do that individually, our collective morphic reality will also change, and the outer reflection we experience in the world will change as well. Such is the nature of spiritual evolution on the planet. It may take some time depending on how entrenched the other aspects of self and egos in the collective are, but then again it may not. I believe we are heading rapidly toward critical mass which will change the global reality for all of those who are aligned with that change.

This is the call to all of humanity; Invite in your Divine Nature.. drop down into your heart and live from love/compassion. Join in the collective of the MILLIONS of people in the world at this moment who are in various stages spiritual awakening. With each and every one, the consciousness of the collective of humanity rises also.. so even though it looks outwardly like we may not make it.. I believe we will. Make no mistake.. God DOES have a plan!

While this is an unprecedented opportunity to grow individually and as a human family, I’m not saying that it might not be practical to take steps to protect yourself and your family.. but not with guns. One does need to keep perspective of the fact that we are God in human form.. and that form needs to be cared for. Enlightenment is not possible if the body is relinquished.

But should you be buying gold and silver? If your intuition and circumstances tell you to then by all means do so. Just because the objective is Awakening doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be wise and listen to what Life is telling us to do if that is the case. There’s nothing wrong with using our innate intuition and intelligence to care for ourselves when calamity arises. My late wife’s grandfather did exactly that and he survived the depression just fine and was able to help others to get through it as well. As Jesus once said “Be wise as a serpent but peaceful as a dove.”

Namaste’ and Blessings,
Dr. John Michael Christian


Global Awakening

The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented shift in consciousness, and it is one that will carry us into a new understanding of who, and what we are. This shift will enable us to live to our full potential as Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and as we progress through it, we will eventually come to know and experience the Truth of our Being. In the end, we will come to live in a conscious way, and live in joy.

However, if we are to make the transition we need to have direction, and the best place to get that in my experience is from someone who has been there.

As this ‘Great Awakening’ happens, it is creating enormous upheavals in the old ways of being. Any energies that are not compatible with the new Consciousness will begin to collapse as we are now seeing all around us in our world today. This change is a necessary part of our move into the new consciousness, and there is nothing to fear.

The current paradigm is actually based in fear and has been so for thousands of years, and so it must change because we are shifting into a Heart Centered way of Being. We will also be coming to an understanding of our Oneness through direct experience.  We are all one, not only with each other.. but with the planet as a whole.

In this new way of Being, many are already beginning will live without fear, and are learning how to be at peace and without suffering, and are discovering how to live in joy. Our essential nature is Divine, and we are gradually discovering how to live consciously and experience a much simpler way of living than had previously been known.

The only reason we are not aware that we are part of God, or that we live in what I call “The Body Of God”, is because we do not live from our hearts. But that is all about to change.  We have all become hypnotized by the Collective Consciousness and what is sometimes called “tribal” or “race” beliefs along with it’s fear, selfishness, victimhood and limitations.  And we have been identified with our individual mind and our beliefs and stories. Essentially, we have lost, or forgotten our True Self and our origins.

This shift in consciousness is Life calling us back home. If you’re like most people on the planet today, you are probably feeling like the world has gone crazy and needs to change.. and you’re right. It has gone “crazy” because it is the human ego that is not heart connected, and that is rapidly shifting. In fact, at this very moment in human history, we have an opportunity to change like never before.

And, the truth is and has become increasingly obvious; we need to change because we cannot afford to keep going as we are. We are in the midst of a spiritual transition the likes of which have never been seen before. Life is calling us to hear and to respond, and you have heard the call or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. The change that we are needing in our lives and in the world begins within.

In order to heal the world, we absolutely MUST heal our lives, and to do that we have to change our thinking and beliefs, and reconnect to our hearts. Why? Because we live in a universe that responds to our energy, and our thoughts, beliefs and emotions ARE energy, and they create our reality. And, because we have been collectively creating what we are not experiencing in the world.

Quantum physics has shown us that the “physical” universe responds to our thoughts and expectations. It has also been shown that the world as we know it, at it’s most fundamental level, resembles thought energy more than it does anything else. Essentially, it IS a thought form. It is the Being we call God creating and re-creating the world over and over again at incredible speed. It is happening so quickly that we cannot see it unless we are in an awakened state, or measure it except at a quantum level. WE are responsible for creating the madness that is our world today, but fortunately.. we can change it! How? By aligning ourselves with our own Divinity, and working within ourselves to bring about inner change, which will result in a change in our lives and in the world. Nothing will change outwardly unless it is first changed on the inside.

The mind of man is the creator of our problems, and as Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And that also means from the same level of consciousness. So then if falls upon us. If we are going to have a different world, then we must change ourselves first. The only way that our world is changed from that of what the Divine would have us experience, is through our own intention to return to and experience our own Divine Nature.

Most people want happier and more meaningful lives. We want to live without the stresses caused by the world we have created for ourselves, especially in Western society. And most people want their lives to count for something. We all share in common a desire to leave the world a better place than we found it. But that doesn’t often happen. We get caught up in the struggles of our lives and in our stories and our judgments and beliefs, and then the universe creates according to the energy we are putting out. It has no choice.. it is the Law.

So we ultimately create our lives, and a world that we do not want because we spend much of our time focusing on things we don’t want, and we have beliefs that are not true are they are often running the show on a subconscious level. It is therefore imperative that we turn our lives around and begin make changes today, both in ourselves and in our world. Ghandi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is what is necessary for us all. If we want the world to change, we must make that change within first.

As I said earlier, there has never been a time like this on the planet earth before.. and we are in the midst of an unprecedented opportunity for change. Miracles are literally taking place in people’s lives the world over. Instantaneous healing of long held patterns is happening, spontaneous healing of disease is happening, and even spontaneous Spiritual Awakening.. such as has happened to me. I experienced a profound spiritual awakening and realized the Truth of our Being.

Our human family is a single Consciousness that appears to be individual, and the earth is part of that Consciousness. We are living in The Body Of God In Creation but we do not know it because of our minds.. and that Body is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Life wants to Awaken.. this much I know for certain.. and it needs for us to heed the call and to make the change. So when you take that first step, your life begins to change radically. Mine has.. and I know if you hold a strong intent and are willing to do the work, yours will too. I am available for one on one consultation, and I will soon have programs available that will help on your journey. In the meantime, please browse the site and look at the books and resources that I’ve listed. I’ve read every book that I recommend, and also have used every program, and I know they are good and valid means to healing or they wouldn’t be on this website. If I can be of help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.