What is the purpose of our life on this planet?
What is life but to become who and what we are? It is not to suffer, nor to try to survive in our daily existence, those are things of the world and of the mind. What is hidden from view is the Truth, which is that we are all radiant Souls which encapsulate the body in yet another experience in the Body of God on its way to perfection. Or not. It depends on the choices we make and how much we want to know the Truth of who and what we are.
It was never intended by the Infinite for things to be this way, Creation was intended to be a playground of happiness and joy, and as embodiments of God in Creation we were meant to create our lives in Joy, and we have an opportunity now which is like no other since the dawn of time to find our way back home.
But how can we do that in this world with mayhem and darkness seemingly everywhere? With prayer, chanting, intention and meditation. And being Present in the Now. Nothing exists but the Now Moment, and as the Observer of our reality we now have a chance to experience as the Witness the truth behind the veil.
We are in a vast and beautiful hologram that has always been here, but we don’t know it because we at some point in our history came to identify with the mind and we have forgotten our origin. And believing in the mind and it’s stories are keeping us trapped in the illusion.
What Yeshua called “The Kingdom” and said is already here within us and all around us will reveal itself if we become present and do not judge what is. Everything we encounter is our teacher as the hologram reflects back to us who we have become, and if we are paying attention it will provide us with the wonderful gift of Freedom of knowing Who and What we are, and Presence is the key.
But how do we overcome the mind and become Present as the Watcher? All too often we wake up in the morning already hijacked by the mind and it’s myriad of beliefs and stories, and we replay those patterns throughout the day, but there is a way home.
All that is required is first to stop, and then look at what is happening. How are you feeling? Probably not all that great, so the next step is to BREATHE. Take in a deep breath or two or three, and from the perspective of the awakened Witness look at your thoughts and look at what is happening in your body. God (ie The Universe) is showing you what needs to be resolved, and it’s happening in your thinking and in your feeling nature.
Most importantly though is the feeling. Where is the feeling in your body? Once you have identified where it feels “bad” in the body, the next step is to allow it. Yes, you read that right. Allow it to happen.. and more importantly allow yourself to feel it without fear. It has been there for a long while, perhaps even from other lifetimes just because you wanted to resolve it in this one, and while it may seen overwhelming it is not.
When we allow ourselves to feel those suppressed emotions, we are giving them expression, and as we do, the Awareness we bring to them allows them to dissipate. Sometimes it will happen that it only takes one time and you are free from the pain and from being subjected to the mind controlling you. But more often than not the next one will arise in time, and so on until there are no more and you are free, and it is then that you will wake up in joy and excitement, and from that vibrational state God will reveal the Truth of your Oneness with all things.
This is a vitally important process in our Awakening, but perhaps the most important aspect initially is our desire and intention. When used together they can, and eventually will, open the doorway to knowing God. Our powerful desire moves the Infinite to begin the process and it speaks to the Heart of God, and our intention and drive to succeed is the fuel that keeps it going. In time devotion and love will replace both, and Love will move us of Itself, until the Truth is revealed and embodied and we will become another of the new race of Awakened Humans that are now evolving on the planet.
Namaste’, Sat Nam and Blessings.