What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

What Is A
Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is often misinterpreted as attaining enlightenment spontaneously, and while for a few people that is the case, for the majority of us it is not. More often  it’s an ongoing experience in which we gradually “wake up” through the practice of Presence and meditation and in so doing discovering what our beliefs and childhood programming is, and usually having to experience and release any trauma we may have experienced in our lives. 

On occasion though we do experience ourselves as part of God and God as part of us and then do the “inner work” afterward as I did when I was taken in the Light one night during meditation and I knew that I was God and God was me. I discovered that I AM pure Awareness, Consciousness and Love in a vast ocean of energy that I call God.

Whether you experience it spontaneously or over time eventually we will all come to discover that we are that which experiences, but we are not the experience. We are the witness behind the experience. We are that part of God which is experiencing itself.. We are pure Awareness living in The Body Of God in Creation.

When we come into this state we see clearly that we are in God, and God in Us. There is no separation, nor is there a destination to reach. There is nothing to become. There is only the realization of that which IS.. and that we are part of the ALL THAT IS.

In the aftermath, we also realize that we are not our stories. WE are not our ego, or our beliefs, and we are not our pain or suffering. We may have experienced that, but we are NOT that.

The realization and experience of this is the first step to finding our way Home for many, if not most, and then the inner work begins. For others though, it is simple.. they have arrived. And for others yet, the inner work itself paves the way.

Everyone’s path is different, and everyone experiences Awakening somewhat differently. Some Awaken Spontaneously and they are in deep Stillness and Presence from that point onward. For most though, if there is an initial Opening into Oneness there is much work that has to be done. But regardless of whether an awakening event where one experiences themselves as God is happens or does’t happen, it still remains that we must become conscious of our stories and of our mind and our suppressed pain, and in so doing we become free. In this process, becoming conscious of our stories and pain and suffering will lead us home.

We cannot deny, or avoid, or get rid of our mind/ego or our pain. That is only ego wanting to avoid itself. Witnessing the stories we tell ourselves and others, and bringing awareness to every aspect of who we believe we are at the level of mind/ego will cause those things to fall away.

To bring Awareness to our stories is to bring Consciousness to them, and to bring Consciousness is to bring God.. and God is what you are.

So then the dance begins. You allow yourself to feel your pain when it arises. You do not try to stuff it or avoid it or fix it. Sit with it. Bring Consciousness to it. It is only trying to express itself. Allow yourself to feel, and your pain will dissipate and Joy and wholeness will follow.

As you go through this process you come to discover that it isn’t fatal, as your ego would have you believe. It is the way to freedom. It is the Way Home. It’s simple.. but not necessarily easy. When you do it you will find out.

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