Many people don’t understand that the objective is not to stop the mind, it’s to watch it and disassociate ourselves from it through being the Watcher, or the Witness of the mind rather than being identified with it as being the self because it isn’t, it’s essentially a biocomputer (as I have mentioned before) and it has it’s own wiring, much like a computer has it’s own set of program that it runs.

When it comes to our thought processes though there are two basic types or categories, the first being thoughts that arise through our observation of our lives, and the second those which arise from the Collective, or the field of collective human consciousness. An example of the former would be if we see something beautiful we might think “Wow! That is really gorgeous!”, or perhaps on the other end of the spectrum when someone does or says something that triggers us we may have a thought about it or them that isn’t particularly beneficial. There are also thoughts in this category which often come up as the result of the mind projecting what it believes to be a possible future outcome of some upcoming event or decision we have to make, or of past events that it relives for a variety of reasons. This type can be more random than the others (and is often quite repetitive) but usually they are triggered by fear of the future or an unresolved past event. Whatever the case they arise from the “local” mind.

The second category of thought is incoming from the collective thoughts of others and will often pop up without any apparent reason. When this happens it can be coming from an individual we are close to (but not necessarily in their physical proximity) or from the collective mind of humanity, which exists as an energy field that we are all part of.  Considering that there are over 7 billion people on the planet now and all of them are thinking continually, this is an enormous energy field and there are billions trillions of thoughts happening at any given moment, and because we are basically connected to (and part of) an ocean of thoughts, we pick them up like a radio receiver from the collective.

As I said previously, thoughts don’t only come to us from the extended field, they can also arise from people around us. We can pass a total stranger for example, and suddenly a thought pops into the mind that seems to be completely irrelevant, but it is in fact related to what they were thinking at the time. Thoughts that people are thing about of doing something for example, or even of violence can arise on occasion when we pass people who are thinking of that or have it in their energy field. This has happened to me on many occasions, and they are sometimes accompanied by profound feelings or emotions as I pass through the energy.  This often comes from being an empath by the way, so I’m sure those of you reading this who are empathic understand what I mean.

As an example, I once walked past a woman in a grocery store and a very strange urge and simultaneous thought arose out of nowhere to hit her, and it shocked me tremendously because I am not a violent person and have never had those tendencies.  Because I was present and watching the mind however, I questioned where that thought and urge came from immediately, and the realization came to me in a flash that she was in an abusive relationship and was being hit by her husband or boyfriend.  I understood at that moment that it had happened because she needed help, so I began doing ho’onoponopono for her and all people who were suffering like she was as I walked away, and I continued to do it for a long while. (For more information on Ho’onoponopono please visit Dr Hew Len’s website here.

This can all become easy to manage from Presence as we observe the mind however, because as we watch the mind we can better understand what is happening, and by disassociating ourselves from the thoughts which arise we are able to free ourselves from it’s bondage. In doing this, along with forgiving ourselves and others for past wrongdoing and learning to love again, we can not only heal ourselves, but we can heal the entire planet and everyone on it as well.