At the core of our being lies Nothingness, which is pure Consciousness.. our Core, or True Self. We are that which is Nothing, yet simultaneously we are all things. As Nothingness we know ourselves to be Consciousness existing as eternal and infinite No-thing-ness, while at the same time knowing we are the All That Is, which was created by, and emanates from Conscious No-Thing-ness.

Along with infinite galaxies and dimensions, Consciousness also created Itself as Soul as the watcher or the witness of It’s existence on this plane, and the body is necessary for It’s experience of life as individuated aspects of the One.

When we go within and stop the mind’s chatter and incessant trying to be, do or have, we come to discover this Truth within the Stillness, and that the Love and Peace we seek has been here all the time because it is a fundamental aspect of Who, and What we already are. We are embodiments of the Infinite being misled by a mind which believes the Illusion is real.