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“Know ye not that ye are gods?”

In my short ebook “Living In The Body of God” I tell the story of the third Spiritual Awakening I experienced, during which Spirit spoke to me and said:


“It was never intended to be this way, it is My Will that you know who and what you are, and that you create your lives in Joy.” 

That brief statement told me exactly why life is the way that it is. We have forgotten that we are Divine Beings of Light and are aspects of God in Creation.  Over millennia we have become lost in our mind/ego and our stories, and it was never intended by God for things to be this way.

When I realized what I was being told was the reason for all of the suffering on the planet today, I knew the answer to the problems and issues we  experience in our lives and in the world lay in reclaiming what we originally lost.. the direct experience of our Divinity. 
I also realized that this is why I have had such a passion to find the Truth and to Awaken for nearly my entire life.

But the good news is that God is healing the world, and once again we will know who, and what we are
and we will live as was originally intended.


In other words..


The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is being restored on earth.


We are discovering, one by one that we are NOT victims, nor are we small or helpless.  We are part of God.  We are all aspects of God in Creation, and we live in what was told to me during my first spiritual awakening is “The Body of God”. 

The problem has been that we have become lost in the ego and in our stories, and those energies have caused us to become rooted in the belief of separation and the need to survive.  But none of this is necessary.  In fact, it is in direct conflict with Life Itself.  We are Love, Light, Peace and Joy.  This is our very nature.  We are in fact all One Being.  The One appearing as many, which in fact make up the One.


So then, it becomes clear that the way we get back to the original intention and to live the life we were meant to live is to resolve the beliefs and energies that are obstructing that life, and our Divinity.


When our energies keep Life from flowing through us they need to be resolved, and when they are, things begin to happen. We no longer have to struggle.. life becomes easy and effortless.  Feelings of angst and our ego’s driving need to struggle to survive begin to fall away. 

 What’s more, we begin to feel and sense from the deepest part of our being, that we are an aspect of God in Creation. We start to really get that WE are creating our reality, and that the Universe responds to our EVERY thought and emotion and CREATES our world from that energy.  And we begin to sense and feel that we, and the entire planet and universe is loved beyond comprehension.

This is the Plan of God working out; That all of the problems and issues that we have created which are bringing about our problems today WILL BE RESOLVED AND HEALED, and a New Earth will come about through the Divine Outworking of Christ on Earth.  And the Plan will be fulfilled.

 When that happens on a personal level, we become able to work with God to change not only our own reality, but to change the entire world for the better.


“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.”
– Jesus


This sort of thing is just a tiny fraction of what we are capable of.  To give you an example, I once turned a tornado that was heading toward a friend’s house in Missouri by 90 degrees and then caused it to dissipate.  How?  By simply commanding it with authority that it do so.  In no way was I wanting a tornado to hit me or to destroy my friends 100 year old farmhouse. 

Later, when I got back to the house, my friend told me asked me if I’d seen the weather, and when I told her that I’d been out driving looking at properties, she told me that it had just been announced on the news that a tornado suddenly made a 90 degree turn and then disappeared.  The weather people couldn’t understand how that could have happened, but I knew exactly how it did.  The Holy Spirit worked with my command, and it changed a dangerous reality into harmlessness.

Once the obstructions within us are removed, Life begins to just happen, as if by magic, because the Will of God is able to work through us.  Things we need automatically come into our experience because it is necessary for our Being in the world.  When we are aligned with God to that extent, we become able to fulfill our purpose because we are in alignment with what is called our ‘Right Place in the Plan’.


Healing The Self Also Heals The World


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